Friday, February 25, 2011


Hello people...
h0w r u 2day ?
as my close fren 
u guy may know that im now currently at aus 
further my study over here.... =)

well,2day i would like to talk about my V's day 
h0w bout u n him/her ?

okay lets start to talk bout mine ^^ 

well,we went to Genting Highland for 2d1n trips.
1st arrival...i went in to take our room key and then 
go back room to hv a short rest ( sh0wer)
After that
we went to 阿一鮑魚 restaurant
to hv our luxury dinner
4 V's day 
each set cost mi rm238.++
ngek ngek ngek XD 

____Here we go___ we go...

after that dinner 
we went to CAsino 
until midnight 
then back to room to exchg our V's day lovely gift.

Here we go  ----->

For Him :

 For Her :

 | CoupLe watch actually |

ya,guys ...
that was my V's day with my beloved ^^ 
h0pe u guy enjoy reading =p
Thank You 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Happy Chinese New Year 
To Every0ne 

It been a long time din update my blog 
because ....
recently i am so busy
and enjoying my CNY's holidays 
i collected alot of ANG PAO 
Happy Happy Happy ~ XD
how bout u guys n gals ? 

Well,besides that ...
i was also busy with my study abroad stuff
i will be going to Australia further my degree study so0n ..
you guys dun too miss mi ya ~ 
but will still update with u guy
bout my life over there  T___T 
study abroad need to
do visa , body check up,bank draft, accommodation ......
so many thing need to ready 
so annoying .... X__X
i hate it ~ 

hmm ~ 4get bout that 1st =) 
while readying  4 that 
i was busy playing around with my sweetheart 
we went out 4 movieSss during CNY  
There are : 
1) 神奇侠侣

haha ~ my h0ney love to watch movie in the cinema 
very sad to say so ...
i gonna leave him soon 
so not beside to accompany him
when he wanna watch movies (CRied )
baobei H0ney - 
I G0nna miss U crazily !
I promised !!!  T__T 

Very so0n 
Cny will be ending by 2day 
how i wish nx month 
will be 2012 CNY 
ahhaha ~ im mad 
ignore mi ~ 

all right 
i gtg to bed 
Gd nite buddy ^^