Friday, May 27, 2011

沒讀書,血拼去。。。。噢 ~

 exam c0ming s0on 

promised myself to study 


went out shopping with frenz 

at the END ! 


bought mummy n granny 

a GUESS purse

ohh..i didn't buy for myself..

how good daughter/ granddaughter m I . 

hahahahaha... xD

relax at Starbuck with 
my easyway taro bubble milk tea 

chilling .... =)

then dinner 
 i had my Teriyaki chicken rice.

My Friday ^^ 


Zzzz..... @.@

Saturday, May 21, 2011

last enjoyable weekend b4 exam !

Sunny Friday 

M i Lo0k Co0L ?? )

MovieSs day 

3D Pirates of the Caribbean 

comment : not bad but funny though ^^

ticket & 3D glasses = $11

my man is always be with mi !!

always acc mi while im alone
although battery left 7% still skype with mi
although battery left 2% still watsapp mi
to make sure im safe n back to h0me 

 (curi snap my Man f0to)


i likesss this fot0 so much !!

Rainy Saturday 

Dim Sum for Breakfast $70 for 3 ppl

MOS Burger for Lunch 

Taro's Ramen for Dinner

 thx DD =)

Windy Sunday 

♥ ENGLiSh Breakfast ♥ 

♥ my victory for today shopping 

 TEA time 

BIRTHDAY celebrati0n
 Just f0r Jeff

what a enjoyable 
weekend of 
♥ wendy 

~well well well~

is time to study for exam 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

my h0ney's AUSTRALIA trip

It hv been a week more that
my h0ney return h0me from brisbane.

i still remember that 
when i 1st called him 
and he said he hv been locked 
as the Aus gvm tot of he is going 
to work here with his 
tourist visa.....>.<
bcuz saw him bring so much thingsSSS alone.
( p/s: all those thing about 7o% was mine) xD
thx to my sweet n caring h0ney

well...ignore that .
not the main point of my dairy.

places we went to:

cinema to watch fast 5 
intro my fren at max brenner 
casino poker play so often 
nx shopping at DFO 
clubbing nite with my fren 
hv 2 times dinner at KOREAN restaurant
suffer paradise hv dinner n shopping
(bought him a GUCCI wallet as Bday present.)
nite time drink at Eric's hs celebrate h0ney's bday 
(p/s: thx those who celebrate tgt) ^^ 
play laser skirmish n adventure with my new intro fren
gold cost eat ramen and jupital casino 
southbank Buddha festival 
lonepine dating with koala n kangaroo 
habourtown shoping again
play badminton with his old fren at UQ
thai restaurant with eric n i
thai restaurant with fren
queen st. mall with mi
QUT and nearby garden walk
toowong village 

time is flying like a bird.
(1 month after we can meet again)

Appreciate for ya Love and really do visit mi at AUS
not everyone can be that for his/her love but u did
and i really neo how much u do love n care bout mi____♥♥ 

我帶你去過的每個地方 ’ 每個角落 ‘
現在當我一個人經過時 ”
眼眶哪擁擠的溫淚水就會情不自禁的流了下來 “ 

每個和你有關的東西和地方 ’