Sunday, October 23, 2011



23102011 |七年

你很不捨得離開,對嗎 ?


為什麼?為什麼,你一直不吃不喝 ?
瘦得清楚得看見你的排骨 !

我好想再和你玩-HI 5


Sunday, October 16, 2011

AngelinaBaby Birthday

well well well
Done my Presentation
Submitted an assignment
then can celebrate Angel's bday happily

Wish my girl Happy Always !
Smile Always bcuz when u smile
u look so beautiful
u look good ....=)

Princess Bday Present
and piggy cake
from us.

i like the bread 
i like the big prawn
the wine taste okok
but i dun really like my plate of
seafood cha kwee tiao
it cost almost rm100 
but not well cook 
and the seafood was over cooked 

12 person cost $460++ 
Treat by Angelinababy 
Thank You,Sweetie 

another day out 
Outing with Ton Ton & Chow Chow
went movie at cinema
ticket cost $5.50 for full time student
salty medium popcorn cost $3
( ticket n popcorn consider cheap ) 
Movie of the day 
(abit boring at 1st then silly,crazy n funny )
then went out dinner
at casino 
bcuz i got extra 2 meal voucher 
then gave to TT n CC

after dinner 
 dessert  timing again .
-macademia pancake
chips n wadges
Smirnoff Vodka

oh yeah ~ TT CC treat me dessert
Thank You. xD

oh nope~~~!!
when i get back h0me
only h0ney told me
he is fever.
such a caring bf
who dun wish to ruin my weekend outing mood
h0ney lying on the bed whole noon
eat nothing
but tmr he need to fly aboard...
God bless yeah
get well s0on !
Always love u with my real heart .

(H0ney is resting. He manja me ,he wan me to look at him 
& accompany him resting.
he said like that got 安全感)
AWW ~ Thats Sweet ! Dont u think so ? xD 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Assignment Week Zzzz....

well,today passed up an assignment 
to relax and cheer myself 
so went to have a big dinner with frenz
Korean food again 
as i love hot and spicy Chili !!!  
and only korean food is hot and spicy in australia!
because australian cant take much spicy food. 

Tiing Tiiiing 

Dessert after meal !
Awes0me !!

Big dinner Meal RM100 
dessert cost mi RM20  >.< 

so if u r coming to australia 
and u wan to enjoy food here
make sure u bring enough money 
$1 = RM3.20

a simple meal at city cost $10
a normal drink at city cost $ 3.50 


Good Luck 
For my Assignment & Final ! 
God Bless

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spring Season-uni break VS Asssignment

Spring uni break
Yahooo ~ Holiday !

Every Girl Love Shopping
shop shop shop ......$$$$$
Wendy love shopping alone =)

this was the victory from DFO
Hee Hee Hee  xD
 i got the black Jacket instead of pink =)


Today and the day onward
 Stay at home!
Do assignment Zzzzz.....
Bake some Brownies and
made some Lychee Jelly
to cheer myself
You Know .... Assignment is damn Boring !
FML (mlm)

Awes0me Sem Break

20.09.2011 tuesday sunny

wake up at noon
after make up & dress up properly
then went to city meet my fren
they come from far Canberra,the capital state of Australia. =D
Meet 2 new fren Victor and Chern today
(Hey,nice to meet u guys in Brissy xD)

we went to korean restaurant~Madtongsang for lunch

then walked to south bank for a walk
then we stop at Max Brenner for chitchating.
oh ~ i love Max Brenner =)
ppl who know mi well ,
they will know wendy only eat chocolate with almond
or white chocolate .
but now wendy start to eat dark chocolate xD

after the drink
we joined the Brisbane festival (light show)

20min show finished
then wendy went to take dinner at korean house-funny funny =)

yiiiiyuuu ~ keep eating make mi happy but sad too
1st is fat, 2nd is food here all expensive =(


Wet n Wild Themes Park | 21.09.2010 Sunny

This is a so so so excited water world i had been atm
after curry bento at city with frens then
we go there by train and then bus

here at the games that wendy played.
all those games is super high and
the feeling is like jumping from the very hight building
recommended to ppl who gonna pay a visit at Brisbane Gold Coast
and love to play adventure game.
the entry VIP pass cost around Aussies dollar $120 per person
for 3 themes park : Wet n wild, movie world and sea world

All right
after these games
we all went to surfer paradise for dinner
Ofcuz is wendy's favourite Ramee !!
then hv a walk there and buy some souvenir bring back Msia


thursday 22.08.11 sunny

Class + Group Meeting
Cant PLay.......>.<

friday 23.08.11 sunny

After class at 8pm
shopping and grab a soft self cone at hungry jack &
went to funny funny korean restaurant celebrate
my dear fren Chia Ing's 21st birthday
but after dinner some of them going clubbing
wendy dun feel like going so din join
Zzzz.....upload pic at home

saturday 24.08.11 sunny

a lunch at fren house
b4 Canberra fren went back
cooked by chia ing, wenjo n jovei

a simple small cake and blow candle
by birthday cake

dinner at korean restaurant with chia ing n liza's fren
a hungry jack soft self cone from chia ing (Thank you )

all the pic is at fb album... haha