Sunday, July 31, 2011

Winter Break Part II

Hello followerSs ^^

Wendy wish u guy hv a nice day 

well, I'm currently in Aus .
Homesick is getting better than 1st time as compare
i can manage it ( i think so *_@)

i enjoyed my holiday till the Max!

after my P.Tioman trip with lovely family

then i was getting to KL most of the times. 

Most of my time is just eating time xD:

1.Bak Bu Teh

3.Tutti Frutti
5.Tao Japanese Buffet  

we all r enjoying all the time being tgt. 

Yes ,Family is really important ! Do treasure them b4 u regret !

In the mean time 
honey & i watched movies in cinema often too 
this is because my h0ney love to enjoy his movie in cinema.
mv that we watched :
(Mr.Popper's Penguin ,Tressure Inn,  harry potter & wu xia)


Next trip is about =)

Genting Highland with family & frens 
as well as Cameron Highland.

G.H 2D1N

went near by inti uc took our dinner
ayam penyet (indonesia food )

then start our journey to GH.
check in hotel then eat drink play =Happy ^^

the next day
after bf then we play game n snap photosS

after that we r moving to damansara

to hv our lunch n snacks
chicken rice

tutti fruiti

Then start our 2nd journey to CH
reached there ad evening
so after check in
( an apartment cost rm250 with 3 rooms 2 toilet) 
we went to eat steamboat
u neo while the whether is cold n eating steamboat is jz awesome!
after an hour of dinner ,we all r FULL.
Decided to hv a walk at Pasar malam .
after the walked then we went Starbucks for supper . 

the following day
we went to hv our bf
then go visit different types of farms.

and went to strawberry moment cafe 2.

 on the way back 
we went to eat this 
rm8 ea
crazy ?

~The End ~ 
really lazy to type more
pic in my fb's page album 
if u r interested with it
u may hv a look. 

See Ya S0on

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


,既然选择了就不要在那 疑神疑鬼  的,

你的對待,讓我淚都擠滿了眼眶__ 心里的擔憂是有如親姐姐般!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Winter Break Part I

HelLLoooooO PeoPle........

'WenDy is coming Home,Coming Home
Tell The World that She's Coming Home .'

who0a...been to Aus hv ad 4 months
[God Bless Mi with my Result]
Tired of EXAM mood !! >.<

Is Time to take a break


Now,I'm having my....... breakkkk in M'sia!
enjoying with my beloved h0ney & Family.

Shopping,Eat,Drink,Play NON-STOP !!

So far ___watched jor 4 movies.
(Kungfu panda,super 8,green lantern & transformer)

eat jor alot food which Bris dun hv.
( nasi lemak,thai food,home cook food,chinese dumpling n etc)

Yeah ~ Jz back from P.Tioman.
Now im so dark !!
return my fair skin to mi !!
sumo kena sea mosquitoes kissed
both legs almost got 69 kisses !!
WTF !! my legs look like having chicken pot now !!  T__T

My siLLy Face.>.<

To be continue 

Stay Tune ^^